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What’s the best season for your latin wedding?

It could be difficult to decide when is the right moment to get married, this decision could turn into a puzzle that you need to think seriously to make every piece fits. Let us show you some insights about every season, thus you will be able to decide more easily what season suits you the best.…
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How to use Instagram in your Latin Wedding?

Nowadays, the impact of social media goes through our events, celebrations, and day to day life, the memories you post will be commented and easy to find for your friends and acknowledges; this digital trace you leave online is part of your personal brand as well, so that Latin Weddings recognises this effect and wants…
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Types of venues for your wedding

In your wedding, like a movie, the scenario where is going to be celebrated is a fundamental element of the story you will want to tell about your relationship. (more…)
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How to save money in your Latin Wedding?

The big moment of your life comes, you are struggling to plan a ceremony and everything seems to be a mess. You might be facing economic constraints to arrange your wedding, which is always a significant investment. Our advice: breath, relax and be careful financially. Here we are to help you with some practical ways to save money…
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