How to choose a topic for your Latin wedding?

A wedding is the most special moment not only for a couple of newlyweds but also for the entire family, the details arranged for the ceremony will last forever as a part of the memories that will remain to their children heritage.

Latin culture is full of joyful symbols that are expressed in the name of love. You will learn some of them to give you a variety of topics that you would choose for your wedding.


The cake is a crucial element, that will surprise the invitees with its design and taste. There is a Latin tradition of making the best of it with two little dummies of the bride and the bridegroom, those little handmade crafts are the representation of their clothing and physical aspects like skin colour and body contexture.

The decorative effect is outstanding to the point of keeping them as a souvenir for the couple loved ones.


Another enchanting tradition that you can add to the recipe for a perfect Latin wedding is the ritual of abundance. Once the newlyweds have finished the ceremony, all the attendants are provided with rice in order to throw it to the couple as a symbol of abundance and wealthiness.

The effect of white rain made of rice permits to capture this magic moment by taking pictures.

Maybe you are wondering if there are more Latin traditions that make a wedding special enough, then we can assure you that out there are infinite options to create the appropriate atmosphere and choose a Latin topic that suits your expectations.

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