How to use Instagram in your Latin Wedding?

Nowadays, the impact of social media goes through our events, celebrations, and day to day life, the memories you post will be commented and easy to find for your friends and acknowledges; this digital trace you leave online is part of your personal brand as well, so that Latin Weddings recognises this effect and wants to give you tips for using Instagram as a tool for your wedding.

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Why is Instagram important for your wedding?

There is no social network most appropriate for a wedding than Instagram which will expand the horizon with you as the protagonist of your love story.

It is advisable to inform your friends in advance about the hashtag they have to use to post the pictures.

Besides telling them that if they do not have an account it is the time to open one.

You should arrange ideas to create the expectation, in particular, some pictures of the making of your wedding could help to warm up your audience.

Post the tag # you will use the D-day, then your friends will be familiarized with it.

Use your own #hashtag for Instagram

Another good intention is to create a sign using chalk and a board with the invitation sentence "If you are on Instagram, use the # Name1AndName2" that would be beneficial to index all the pics in one place.

Use the hashtag #LatinWeddings on Instagram and get the latest news and tips for your wedding!

Use the hashtag #LatinWeddings on Instagram and get the latest news and tips for your wedding!

Rules for the Gram

Use the moment when you give the official invitation to your guests to specify beforehand what is relevant and appropriate to publish.

Some indications are never enough to ensure they will capture the details of the celebration.

This effort will be a relieve during the wedding because you will not have much time to give instructions more than smile and shine.

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On the whole, Instagram is a chance to get the best of the use of your smartphones' friends.

Latin Weddings encourage you to plan the party, ceremony and DJ music together, we are more than pleased to help you out with all!

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