I am engaged, now what?

You are engaged: congratulations! You should have felt the adrenaline of the proposal moment, after the surprise, you will be plenty of time to plan your wedding. So our
the mission is to give you the following tips that make it easy.

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When you are Engaged, the big moment's picture matters

When you are engaged, this remarkable moment is going to be part of your memory forever, also for your social channels. Your hand is going to be the main focus of the
the picture you would publish on Instagram, so It is crucial to get a
manicure which will permit the ring shine.

Once you are engaged, remember to give protagonism to the ring in the picture composition, it would ensure several likes and shares from your friends and family (Do not forget to gather inspiration from Pinterest).

Summer season is the most popular in Australia!

When you are engaged, pass the message on

Your family deserve to be taken into consideration, arranging a visit of
your beloved with your parents is the correct way to give them the good
news even though they could get shocked, they will feel free to express
their happiness when they know your next step in life.

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The size of your wedding

First of all, make a rough list of the possible guests, it will permit
you to structure the event depending on the number of invitees.

Once you have a figure, calculate the budget you need to give them a great
experience, just in case the result is too high, recalculate it downsizing the number of people until it matches.

Based on our experience, planning a wedding can take up to 12 months. Don't wait until it's too late!

There is no particular order for these tips, but creating a to-do list is an exceptional starter, for further instructions remember to be in contact with us, Latin Weddings is ready to be your wedding planner.

Working together as a team the ceremony is granted to be a success.

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