Tips to choose your wedding bouquet

There are too many details to arrange in a wedding that would get crazy, but some of them are the most crucial, for instance, the bouquet.

This little element may seem inconsequential at first sight, however, its colour, shape, and type of the flowers are aspects to decide with time in advance. We suggest you bear in mind the next tips before choosing your bouquet bridal look.

How to choose your wedding bouquet?

Height of the bride

We all know that the bride will be wearing high heels, nevertheless, the fiancée's height is a matter that would determine what bouquet to choose.

If you are tall, a long floral bouquet will make you look slender and modern, but if you are not tall enough, a compact one would suit you.

In the Latin Culture, the flowers are an important item for your wedding.

In combination with your headdress

Colourful flower wreaths are a trend at weddings so you can combine them
with your bouquet and you will make a beautiful and striking set of
flowers and colours.

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If you are going to toss it or not

The tradition of tossing it is one of the most expected and fun moments of the party. There are bouquets to toss and just to be appreciated.

If you want to toss the bouquet to give all your good energy to your bunch of friends, you must choose a bouquet that can be toss without hurting anyone, find one soft and without branches.

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As specialists, we suggest you try the vibrant colour of the year named: Living Coral, it will stand out.

Now you are ready to decide what type of bouquet fits you the best. Latin Weddings wants to give you more and more tips, just follow us on Instagram, we will see you there.

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